Caribbean Renaissance


The symbolic wedding package Caribbean Renaissance implies a wedding ceremony, celebrated in a small church of Fishing Lodge complex (Cap Cana). The church is decorated with fresh flowers.

Organize your European style wedding in Caribbean!

Six persons are allowed to participate in the ceremony (including the bride and the groom). There is no extra charge for the transportation, the seats or glasses. If there are more than six guests, please see the Additional Services pricelist for the extra transfer charges. The duration of the ceremony and photo-shoot is about 3 hours.

  • Round-trip transportation from the hotel where guests are staying to the ceremony location and back. Our packages include a minibus Hyundai H1 or Toyota Sienna.
  • The ceremony takes place in the church located on the Fishing Lodge (Cap Cana) area.
  • The church is decorated with the natural flowers upon your request (roses, lilies, tropical flowers). There are three types of church decoration: high white supports, bronze supports or glass vases. The floor is covered with flower petals.
  • Beautifully decorated altar for your ceremony. Its decoration corresponds both the wedding style and decoration of the church with natural flowers.
  • A Little pillow or a seashell for your rings.
  • Bridal bouquet and the boutonniere for the groom (on your request from our catalogues).
  • Audio/Music with songs you request.
  • Bridal bouquet and the boutonniere for the groom (on your request from our catalogues).
  • English-speaking attendant.
  • A bottle of Asti Martini champagne (or Freixenet). Drinking is allowed outside the church only.
  • Champagne glasses.
  • A fruit basket.
  • Water for your vital signs.
  • Certificate in Spanish and English with a picture of Juanillo Beach.

Professional photo-session is included as a special offer. Our dear couples will receive 300 images, 100 of which are photoshopped. Photo-session takes place at various locations during your special day. Newlyweds will have a chance to pose in the Fishing Lodge Residence of Cap Cana where gorgeous architecture, marina and yachts will surround and mesmerize them; they will visit a unique Sanctuary hotel, shoot in a wooden gazebo, among palm trees on the beach and in the turquoise Caribbean waters. If the occasion falls on a weekend, photo-session part in the Fishing Lodge will be replaced with a shoot on Farallon Heights (highest point of Punta Pana), which has most beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and Cordillera mountains. Make your wedding day and ceremony truly unforgettable with FocusLifeDR!